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Spriha Gupta

Mixed Media and Acrylics

Spriha is a narrative mixed media artist bringing organic forms and textures into her body of work. She uses iconic symbolism to exemplify concepts close to her heart that are influenced by personal, societal and environmental changes. Strongly influenced by her Indian cultural roots she is fearless in her use of colors and weaves them into her creations. She feels that art can pull one out of isolation in so many ways and illuminate the interior world that resides in each one of us while engaging in a dialogue. The uniqueness of her works comes through various textures that she creates by building layer upon layer with a variety of materials most of which are found objects. None of the paintings are preconceived and flow from her brush onto the canvas with a freedom of the mind and soul. One can feel transported into the painting living and breathing each color and mood.

She has her works in private collections across the globe and has exhibited in National and International exhibits. She currently has her studio at Princetonmakes, an artist cooperative in Princeton.

All images are copyrighted to Spriha Gupta