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Patricia Buchanan

She’s Cold as Ice


Mosaic tiled 3D on silver platter


  • 15 inches diameter; the silver platter serves as the frame – $85

I am a mosaic artist, and, in my pieces, I use ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, and found objects. The aspect I like best about creating mosaics is the opportunity to take what’s broken or discarded and reassemble the pieces into something new – sometimes beautiful, sometimes controversial, sometimes whimsical.

This piece was inspired by Mardi Gras masks. It has several meanings to me. At first, she was to be “Mother Earth” and represented on her are water, fish, shells, grass, flowers, and sky. Then the icy-ness of her face caused me to reconsider and name her “She’s Cold as Ice.” But since the head is mounted on a platter it could very well be just that – “Head on a Platter.”

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