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Pat Proniewski

Light and Darks


Oil on gallery wrapped canvas


  • 10 x 20 inches, unframed
    Painting continues on all sides of the canvas

“Light and Darks,” another in my series of “Georgics” which you may have already read about, continues to call attention to the dwindling American family farm. (You can read more about my connection to farmland in my statement about my other painting in this exhibit, “Carrion”). “Light and Darks” (Please note: the painted image continues on all sides of the 2″ wide gallery wrapped canvas) was inspired by an actual experience l had (well nearly) on the beautiful Patterson Farm in Yardley, Pennsylvania. After painting for several hours, I exited the art center to go to my car and rounded the corner of this first building. Having a fondness for barns, crows and blackbirds, I came upon this scene which took my breath away. It was as if this momentary experience was made just for me. My senses were filled with the cawing of the crows, the sight of the sunlight between the buildings creating dark cast shadows, and the reflecting light against the barns making their white walls blue. Above the crows circled and some soon perched in the big tree. Surely they were looking down at me. It was an incredible moment in time which really spoke to me as if the blackbird came and whispered in my ear, “Stop now and look up!” I’m so glad I listened.

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