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Laura Brady

Prince Charming




  • 36 x 36 inches, unframed – $1999

I see the world in dynamic, vivid color, where sound is transformed into shape and emotion is released in the movement of a paint brush. Through my exploration of nature, I seek to host a new perspective. Approaching each piece with a mix of impressionism and realism, which carries a boldness yet softness, a parallel understanding that suggests a glimpse of a new reality. A refreshing for both the mind and the spirit, as the viewer receives what each painting has been made to release.

Piece 1 “Into the Garden Collection” – “Prince Charming”
My desire with this collection is to allow the viewer to consider something out of the ordinary. In this piece I painted the horse and the flowers detailed and larger than life so one could not miss its beauty. This piece invites the viewer to stop among the flowers and allow its beauty to overwhelm.

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