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John A Benigno

Santa Rosalia de Lima I, Santa Rosa, New Mexico




  • 16 x 20 inches, unframed – $275

My mission is to document as many adobe churches as possible while still overlaid with traditional mud and straw.  Modern materials simply lack the spirituality and commitment of adobe.

Adobe is among the most ancient of building materials.  Its use speaks to the steadfastness of faith and culture to endure despite the relentless erosion of time and environment.

I see this project as part of the great tradition of documentary/fine art photography exemplified in the work of the Bechers, Edward Weston and Edward Curtis.  Their work points to the importance of place – a theme that runs through all of my work. To quote Eudora Welty, “Place is my source of knowledge…”  My passion for “place” developed from my training in the social sciences.

Perhaps my work could fuel the urgency needed to preserve these fragile structures. The churches in Socorro, Chimayó and Questra recently sustained substantial damage.

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