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Jeny Brill

I am a painter and mixed media artist who has a passion for color, light and shadow.

Having grown up on Cape Cod, back in the 70’s, I spent most of my time in nature. I explored paths through the cranberry bog in my back yard. The Beach was my second home. What I drew in from these experiences was a passion for color and light.  I began making art at a very young age, thanks to my artist neighbor, and continued through college.  My itch to travel took me to the West Coast where I fell in love with the trees. I studied to become a Montessori teacher and for 25 years I used my art, across the academic curriculum, so children could show their knowledge with art. During that time my art was primarily mixed media. Eventually, I returned to the Cape for inspiration where the colors of the sky, ocean, and vegetation are uniquely moving. The light, like the ocean, is in constant flux. As an artist, the two, color and light, provide endless opportunities for me to paint.

I spend my time between Raleigh, NC and Dennis, MA with my family and two dogs.