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Jennifer Finch



Acrylic and oil on hard board


  • 16 x 27.5 inches, framed to 19.5 x 27 inches
    Simple black wooden frame – $400

I am inspired by the natural world. It reminds me of my own significance and place in the big picture. At times, my subject matter may range in content. This may reveal the many things I think about and desire to see or experience. On the whole, I tend to explore a topic in multiples and look for the link and the message the animal or environment attempts to convey. Like giving birth, each subject appears to have its own energy and color that reacts and converses with its surroundings. I enjoy attempting to depict the visual conversations.

Dogs have always been a source of inspiration for me. I love how they don’t have vanity. I appreciate their honesty and one knows exactly how they feel about things by their open body language and mannerisms. I particularly enjoy painting them the way that they greet me when I first meet them. Marco, pictured here, greeted me with a yodel. I had to paint him as such.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly; artists receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their work