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Gloria Sherman

Acrylic Paintings

Gloria Sherman was an elementary school teacher for the School District of Philadelphia for 22 years. She has been a teacher of grades K-5, as well as a teacher for the Mentally Gifted, and director of Hands on Shakespeare. She has a Masters Degree in Education, is fluent in 5 languages, and has tutored young children in reading and other subjects for the past 35 years. She travels extensively, visiting schools all over the world to obtain various perspectives in educational practices.
Gloria was born in Barcelona, Spain, and has lived in Warminster, Pennsylvania since 1994 with her musician husband Marc. They have two sons, Micah and Jason, both artists in their own right.
A few years ago after retiring from teaching, Gloria discovered that she had a talent for art. Following some classes in technique, she began doing pen-and-ink drawings, and now concentrates solely on paintings in acrylic.