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Florence Moonan

Cio-Cio San #5


Venetian plaster, universal pigments, gold oil pigment stick on board


  • 24 x 30 x 2 inches, unframed – $1900

Music, especially Broadway musicals and opera, is a driving force in my work. This connection is rooted in my childhood performing in local summer-stock theater at St. John Terrell’s Lambertville Music Circus. Performing evolved into painting as I discovered the ability to express inner emotions by applying color and texture to canvas or wood in an abstract manner.

Many years ago, I borrowed a double record album of “Madama Butterfly” from my father—who borrowed it from a friend. I accidentally scratched Side One, so, I bought a new album and replaced the damaged record. I returned the album and never mentioned the switch, and that’s how I came to own my first complete opera. I played it over and over. Butterfly became my favorite opera. Cio-Cio san, or Madama Butterfly as she is better known, has been a recurring theme in my artwork. To this day, when I listen to the music of Puccini, I get carried away. If I can’t sing it, I’ll paint it.

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