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Evelyn King

Ceramic Artist

Although I make many functional ware items, my real passion is making burnished art pieces. I love that they are glaze-free with only a fine coating of protective wax.  They invite you to caress them, being warmer and softer to the touch than glazed pottery.  The meditative process of spending several hours carefully burnishing each piece is deeply satisfying to me.  These pieces are then alternatively fired in different ways.

The naked raku process- After applying a sacrificial slip and glaze the pot  is fired to red hot then plunged into a bucket filled with combustible matter to smoke. The still sizzling pots are removed and sprayed with water to cause the slip resist to come off to show a surprising end result.

And of horse hair firing_ where horsehair, feathers and other organic materials are applied to a pot heated to 1300 degrees to leave their carbon imprint upon the surface. 

Also, the miracle of pit firing- where metallic salts and organic materials are applied to pieces before they are wrapped in aluminum foil and fired.  Their stunning colors and imprint of the material are only revealed once the pieces are pulled from the pit and unwrapped. 

My work can be seen at Makers Off Main in Doylestown. Collectors may also email me using the button below or call 215-290-8308 to arrange a studio visit.  The process of making ceramic art and sharing that joy with others never fails to delight me.