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Chee Bravo

Les Demoiselles du New Hope – LOVE




  • 28 x 37.33 inches, framed to 37 x 47 inches; Black matte with gold frame – $1200

I create digital collages which are then recreated on canvas with acrylics or silkscreened onto acid free paper. Using current technology to initially produce my imagery then reverting back to silkscreening, a traditional printmaking medium, to create the final imagery is key to my artmaking. My journey began with capturing portraits of the New York subway performers. This series has grown to include performers I find in subways from my travels. I’m also working on a new series of local performers in my hometown of Trenton, NJ and surrounding local landmarks. “Les Demoiselles du New Hope was inspired by Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and the famed mannequin graveyard at Love Saves the Day in New Hope, PA. Eight photos were used to create the digital collage then six screens were made to produce this hand-pulled silkscreen. It is the largest silkscreen (28”x37.33”) I’ve created to date.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly; artists receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their work