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Chee Bravo

Multi Media Artist/Printmaker

She creates portraits of people in manipulated environments by using digital platforms and photography. These digital collages are then recreated on canvas or paper through mixed media, painting or silk-screening. Her journey began with capturing the essence of the New York subway’s unique subterranean environment through silk-screening. She creates an illusion of intimate familiarity by splicing random performers together. Her medium has expanded to painting and mixed media, and the subject matter has also expanded to other subway performers and performers she finds abroad and locally.

Her interactive multimedia installations stem from her art of Deity bricolage, the worship of many Gods. It is her interpretation on society’s fixation on wants and desires. Her focus is to draw the audience into her personal experiences.

Her cumulative approach to her work reflects her traditional beginnings as a printmaker, extensive professional graphic design career, and childhood growing up in the culturally diverse Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies before immigrating to the U.S..

Chee Bravo received her BFA in printmaking at the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. She exhibits nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of multiple awards throughout her career. In 2022 she was award a distinguished Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Her work is in the Trenton City Museum permanent collection, NJ, the FIU Frost Museum permanent collection, FL, the Brooklyn Art Library, NY, Frontline Arts/PCNJ of NJ and private collections. She lives and works in Trenton, NJ with her inspirations, Juan, Julian and their dog, Yeti.