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Anita Nolan

The Side Rarely Painted, Dark Hollow Road


Oil on linen panel


  • 20 x 16 inches, unframed – $1040
  • Framed to 25-1/2 x 21-1/4 inches; Antiqued gold frame – $1175

I’ve lived in Bucks County for more than 40 years and started oil painting three and a half years ago. I particularly enjoy painting landscapes with old buildings.

While this barn is one of the most frequently painted in Bucks County, (on Dark Hollow Road near the Tohickon Creek), I’ve never seen a painting of this side. So, one morning, when the light was hitting it well, I stopped to take a few photos, and this is the result.

This painting is available framed or unframed, and a photo of it framed is available.

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