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Aida Birritteri





  • 10 inches H x 20 inches W, matted to 14 inches H x 24 inches W – $325

I engage with watermedia by moving the watercolor across Arches watercolor paper. I use a variety of papers weights; 140 lb. Hot Press and cold press and 300 lb Hot press and Cold Press. I make marks and draw with INK and paint in watercolor and gouache with an economy of line, color and composition reduced to simple form. Materials are important and I am attuned to nature. I draw with sumi-e INK with bamboo and dried corn stalks that have sharp edges. I paint with Sumi-e brushes. Color value and transparencies in watercolor are created with a limited palette. The process has helped me develop my voice further.

Zen Art influences my work with watercolor and INK. I learn from Zen Art like the Modernists who collected Japanese prints and adapted them to their work. Plein air watercolor painting is the foundation for my work, and I continue to paint en plein air and from my studio. My current work is a merge between Zen Art and plein air painting.

I feel an inner sense of peace and tranquility and a great sense of accomplishment by making art.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly; artists receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their work.