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June 2020
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Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA, MPS "Impressions of Nature" Sandy holds Signature Membership in the Pastel Society of America, as well as the Maryland Pastel Society.  Her work has also been published in art magazines and art books.  Art has been her passion though out her entire life.  "I love to take walks with nature.  Through my art, you are invited along on those walks to emotionally feel

Evelyn King Ceramic Artist Although I make many functional ware items, my real passion is making burnished art pieces. I love that they are glaze-free with only a fine coating of protective wax.  They invite you to caress them, being warmer and softer to the touch than glazed pottery.  The meditative process of spending several hours carefully burnishing each piece is deeply satisfying to me.  These pieces are

Carol Perlowski Fine Artist I can't really remember when I didn’t want to paint. I try to look at everything not as objects, but as shapes, darks and lights, and colors. I know it really isn't magic but almost seems like it when a person can take a stark white canvas and by pushing some paint around create a painting. It's just so much fun

A Little Night Music (18 x 24) a/c At Last, Spring! (24 x 36) a/c Coral Reef (36 x 48) a/c Cyclops (12 x 12) a/c Fascinatin' Rhythm (24 x 20) a/c Firebird (18 x 24) a/c Isis at Thebes (diptych, 48 x 30) a/c Navajo (diptych, 20 x 32) a/c Provence (24 x 36) a/c Toccata and Fugue (22 x 28)a/c Lynn Miller VISUAL ARTIST AND WRITER As a painter, I explore in a

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