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The Arts & Cultural Council is proud to announce the addition of Pete Chiovarou, Rodney Miller and Bill Milnazik to its Board of Directors.  All three bring a deep apperciation of both the arts and of Bucks County to the Council.

Pete Chiovarou serves as Director, Community Programming and College Events at Bucks County Community College, where he oversees internal and external events for all three campuses and manages all aspects of the Zlock Performing Arts Center.  Chiovarou maintains an active presence in the musical world, teaching electric bass and music theory at R&M Music Studios. Previously, Chiovarou was Assistant Technical Director of Bucks County Community College’s Gateway Auditorium, and a Buyer and Clinics & Promotions Coordinator for Hoshino USA (Ibanez), where he coordinated many musical clinics and wrote a variety of online and print publications. He earned degrees at Bucks County Community College and at Temple University.

Rodney Miller has over 35 years of experience as an artist/photographer. Miller’s fine art blends digital and traditional photography, utilizing pattern and repetition to lay bare graphic elements such as color, line, and shape. Using a method based on fractals – fragmented geometric shapes that can be subdivided into parts – Miller creates images that stir the unconscious and rile emotions. His work has been exhibited in many juried shows as well as gallery shows in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio, and he is currently represented by River Queen Artisan Gallery. His work is included in the collections of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Aria Regional Cardiovascular Associates, and in the collection of former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter. Miller serves as Vice President of the Board of Artsbridge, and he assists with organizing and hanging exhibitions at the Gallery at the Lower Bucks Campus of Bucks County Community College. Miller’s previous roles include serving as a senior I.T. manager for the federal government and processing and printing aerial recon film in the U.S. Air Force. Miller earned his degree in Photography from the Community College of Philadelphia and at Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

Bill Milnazik founded AXIS visual, a graphic design firm specializing in branding and visual communications. For the last 19 years, Milnazik has led the firm and served as its creative lead for marketing and design work. His role involves looking for creative solutions to problems, employing in-depth thought and the tailoring of appropriate and innovative visual messages to help clients successfully communicate with their target markets. Milnazik’s recent accomplishments include designing the logo selected for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. Milnazik has served on the Board of the AIGA (the professional association for design) and the Board of the Van Sant Historic Airfield Foundation, and he has been involved with ArtC, an organization promoting the arts in the Atlantic City area. Milnazik is a graduate of the Tyler School of Art.

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