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As a fine art photographer and digital artist my first and foremost interest is in creating images to stir some emotion. In both my photography and digital abstract work I'm drawn to light, shape, form, pattern and color and how they all work together in a given space. I love taking the things around me and creating that everyday thing in a different and new way. My way, the way I see it. My digital abstract work is based on Fractals. Fractal geometry invented in the early 1980's by Dr. Beniot Mandelbrot. It is modern mathematics that produces repeated shapes and patterns that are repeated to infinity. These fractals are often found in nature. The coast line if seen by air, clouds, mountains, trees and even within the human body. It is art produced with mathematical equations. Change part or all of an equation and change the shapes and patterns. I often spend hours working with endless combinations of equations until creating jubilant and exuberant abstract images bursting in color.

I think of ways to push the boundaries with my work in both process and creativity because it is a part of my growth. I love to construct photographic collages from my images. Of all things I simply love taking something right around us that we all basically see the seem and make it something more.

Username EZrod
First Name Rodney
Last Name Miller
Member Since March 17, 2013
Website currently building new website
Membership Artist / Patron
Phone 267-797-5190
Street 600 Taft Ave
City Morrisville
State PA
Zipcode 19067
Country United States of America
Subscription Starts 2019-06-20
Company Artsbridge,AOB,AOY, New Hope Art Center, New Hope Art League and on ACCBC Board of Directors
Directory Category Visual Arts
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