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When you are logged in, use the orange lettered menu on the right of the page to make adjustments. Remember to click SAVE after making any changes.  (You might have to scroll up or down.)User Menu

Choose PAYMENT HISTORY to check when your account expires, and Upgrade/Renew to extend your subscription.

Click on MY PROFILE PAGE  to view your profile page.  Choose  EDIT MY PROFILE to make changes on your profile page. Notice there are three tabs to make any changes. Use the Contact Info tab for email and password changes.  Use the Member Info tab to change your About  section (this is your bio) and address, website, etc. Use the Portrait  tab to upload the main image someone will see on your page.

Add Image Help

To upload images to your portfolio page, choose ADD IMAGE TO GALLERY and then DIRECTORY from the drop down menu has already been chosen. Only use the first two tabs to enter your description. The tab marked Caption for a short description, and the one marked Image to choose your image, then Choose File to upload from your computer. Do not use any other tabs in this window.  You can also choose any tag and click add to make your item more searchable.  Be sure to hit the  SAVE button, then CLOSE.  If you would like to change an image, simply click on the item you want to delete, select a new title and new image following these steps. Any new image you upload will automatically replace the one you want to remove.

Add Event Help

To post a listing on the events calendar, choose ADD EVENT TO CALENDAR and notice MEMBER EVENT from the drop down menu has already been chosen.  In the Title field, enter the title of your event.  Now you can also choose any tag and click Add to make your item more searchable. In the box below Event Description enter any details, or a short paragraph with a description of your event. (You can copy and paste from another website as well.)  Just below notice the Item image and click Browse to load a small image from your computer. Scroll down and in the Cost field enter the ticket price, price range, or FREE.  Below that, in the website info, paste your website URL in the box marked URL. It's often easier to copy and paste from the actual website rather than type it in.  In the Contact field, enter your phone #, email, or both. (Any contact info.) Below this is your Event Start Date field.  Notice it is pre-set with today's date, so click on the calendar icon to the right and choose the first day (or only day) of your event.  Now below this, by Event End Date, enter the day AFTER your event so it will still be visible on the last day. (Example: If your event ends on a Sunday, enter Monday's date. That way we can still see it on the last day.) Be sure to click the SAVE button on the top right of this window.  Wait until the computuer "blinks" (you will see "Item Saved" ) then click CLOSE, and you're all set!

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