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Congratulations to the First Place Best in Show winner Jason Sacran for “Finding Garber”.

Second Place winner Stewart Burgress White for “Book on the Corner”.

Third Place winner Patrick Saunders for “The Farm on York”.

Honorable mentions, went to: Jill Basham for “Bucks Beauty”; Dorothy Hoeschen for “Sunlight on Quarry Road Bridge”; Christine Lashley for “Fin in the Barn”; Michael Solovyev for “40 South State Street”; and Helena Van Emmerik-Finn for “Centre Bridge Inn.”

Recognition Awards, were given to Al Barker for “Night Shadows” and Tara Will for “Mary’s Drive.” A Recognition Award, with a prize of $200, was given to: Randall Graham for “A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall.”

Quick Draw Awards on Saturday, June 10, went to: Christine Lashley, First Place; Peter Yesis, Second Place; and Patrick Saunders, Third Place.

Quick Draw Awards on Sunday, June 11 went to: Alison Menke, First Place; Monique Sarkessian, Second Place; and Rick Kochenash, Third Place.

The Hai-Ou Hou Recognition Award was given to: Dorothy Hoeschen, Bucks County artist and Peter Hunt, Bucks County artist.

Honorable Mention recipients were: Jill Banks, Natalia Andreeva, Jane Ramsey, Randall Graham, Patty Voje and Kirk Larsen.

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